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Mark 'Syng' Bolduc
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Syng, 25, Gemini, Blood type -0.
Comic-artist wannabe, piano molester, gym dweller and ferret master extraordinaire!

Follow me on tumblr, or here, if you wish.
Commission for Someone,
A few dozen more character/persona to try various art styles,
Character concept finalization for the webcomic,
Inevitable fanart...

Anybody wants to commission me btw? To help a poor starving artist? :D '
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I'll - Deny Part 2 by Unlock3d
I'll - Deny Part 2

 I’LL – DENY Part 2

[…] His mind cleared, he could see beyond. Prometheus had given the light, but it was time for Lucifer to awaken the mind of the men to its power. Shining through the darkness, giving ever-seeing wisdom; Kris was able to rally; to call forth his friends. As they were laying their eyes on their friend who was now attacking them, pleading for him to stop; they received guidance.

I'll - Deny Part 1 by Unlock3d
I'll - Deny Part 1

I’LL – DENY Part 1 (Lucifer)


“[…] his bloodied body hit the ground. It seems Mark would not hold on the attacks. It had been almost two months that he had disappeared; only to reveal himself along with a permanent night that would last three days and three nights now. Darkness was covering the whole of the town, or even the world; not a single soul could say. In the streets, in the houses, everywhere; people would act as zombies, barely talking, a truly apocalyptic scene. But then Prometheus would guide with his fire in the darkest of nights.


The darkness, ripped away and shred by the promethean fire of his best friend, was originating around a changed Mark. Thinner, sharper and certainly more dangerous; he was standing in front of the group, with his sword, ready to lunge like a rabid animal. A vicious grin on his face, he attacked Ben, his very best friend, first, knowing he was the guide; the tactician, knowing the group would fall quickly without his guidance and he was right, for everyone would simply back away; confused and scared. What was even happening anymore?


Reaching for the bloodied, barely living body of Ben, Kris would grab the evoker. He saw Jim, “Fencer”, passing by him, preventing him from the battle. He was powerless. He had not faced his shadow; he had no persona, yet deep down, his wish was to help as well.


Another strike from Mark’s sword; another one of his friends was bleeding now.

Around him, Personas flashing in and out, an eerie blue light breaking the darkness and creating shades in the night. What good he was; Unable to even properly even have a shadow? How empty can you be, when you cannot even face your repressed feelings, when the repressed feelings are actually your own ego?


Another one of his friend down; he did not recognize Mark, this was simply too chaotic, a man like him, only Kris would understand, would never hurt his friends willingly. Never in his sane mind, would he be able to think of doing such a thing. He understood, however, what he could do.


If he was himself nothing more than darkness, and if just like Mark; there was nothing repressed inside to create a shadow; for the shadow was greater than the self to begin with; and if hatred was driving the whole of his self, then he would have to seek a way out of this nightmare by himself.


And he placed the evoker on his head, heavy breathing. Death; or liberation. Looking at his friend with blood-stained eyes, with crystal tears of fear on his face; he would call forth in a loud scream.


And unlike all that was supposed to happen, a glorious angel would shine over the battlefield, blinding even the darkness around their possessed dark friend. Shining upon his friends, the light would touch and mend everyone and his eyes would glow sharper. Everything was so clear, everything made so much sense; why seeking the darkness inside? Darkness grows with a stronger light; he needed to find the light inside him to bring the darkness out. Beautiful, fantastic and so close; a warm touch from his body; the glorious morning star, bent to wake the humans and free them from their chains; the Archangel Lucifer.”


I'll - Answer Part 2 by Unlock3d
I'll - Answer Part 2

I’LL – ANSWER Part 2


His doubts but whispers in the rising storm, the wolf was unchained and its bestial instincts would soon hunger for the flesh and what little light there was in his heart. Helena had lost her smile in mere seconds, her face and eyes giving a dark glare as heavy as one’s guilt. In her hands; tarot cards, for until now, only he didn’t need an evoker to summon his persona.


The feeling of death, the Memento Mori of death in battle, the last thought of survival which brings forth the ego; calling forth a persona from the moment your brain thinks you are dead by pulling a simple trigger on a false gun. He had none; for he had known death, and death had known him. This was his vendetta, after all.


“Persona”, she said firmly, yet calmly, as a mother would order a loved child.


The card shattered and with its pieces glowing in the air, the darkness, like a vicious liquid, started pouring from the street lights, from Fenrir’s mouth; from everyone’s grudge. His worried look melted away like the oiled night, to leave a smirk and a dark grin. As a rabid animal, Fenrir lunged towards him.


His sword grasped and in a single swing; the blade doused in liquid hell; ready to strike the wolf-god. He was ready to face him, stronger now than anything.


“You”, continued Helena, mayhap more for her than for the sake of the man’s story “You made a single, unique mistake…” 

I'll - Answer (Helena) by Unlock3d
I'll - Answer (Helena)

I’LL – ANSWER Part 1 (Helena)

“You fell in the last battle”; words that chanted the truth; for it was the second battle where he saw the ground and fell. Snow was glimmering in the faded lights of the night. When it would usually be his favorite weather was now just a bitter, broken orange darkness. Indeed had he fell twice now, both time his friends would have took up his place and finished the shadow that were assaulting them, but he was not allowed such mistakes.

“And who are you?” he pouted as an answer, unlike his usual cheerful behavior when speaking.

“A friend” the lady answered, covering her velvet shoes with the heavy, wet snow around her. “Or rather a watcher; we normally do not interfere in this world and in this way” she smiled “but you are interesting.”

She stopped her stance and looked around; the streets were empty as they were far from the battle site. A random stroll after vanquishing shadows; what was he afraid of? Nothing of course, and she knew that. Alone; a person is the prey of the darkness, but together with another; a leader must be fearless, for they must now protect someone; giving unto them strength, willpower and courage. He was alone, yet not at all; was it fears he was fighting?

“Do you do not possess the abilities that usually require the assistance of those on my side, but it was to me to walk out of the door and reach for you. My name is Helena; I am she who resides over the dualities and you are my guest.”

She began walking anew towards the young man, her long fur coat of blue velvet covering itself with pure white snow. It was then that he heard the crystalline sound of a breaking soul, a sound unique to him whom had seen, felt and loved Death before. The frozen god; no longer chained, walked as a proud wolf around the woman, with a defiant look towards the man. Unbound, his Persona was facing him?

“but…wait” he tried to say, maybe more for himself than for her, or for the darkness “Personas aren't sentient… they are a suppressed ego… they are vanquished shadows…”


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